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Posted in CHOOSING OUR NAME AND LOGO by Antiguafc on the June 3rd, 2010



Since Antigua Flavors and Colors” was created to bring awareness of the Flavors and Colors from Guatemala’s rich colonial and Mayan cultural traditions, we wanted to create a logo that would represent this.   

AntiguaGuatemala is a city of charm and color. It is perhaps the most outstanding colonial city in Spanish America. Every year tourists from around the world visit Antigua Guatemala to enjoy its natural beauty and historic monuments. The Spanish Colonial style is evident in every part of the town.   Other than it’s architecture, Antigua’s cuisine offers  pleasing flavors that are an example of Mayan traditions .  Therefore the inspiration for this websites name and logo could only be found in Antigua Guatemala.

Choosing the name is evident Antigua F lavors and C olors.

Choosing the logo was a little bit more complicated. We were looking for something that would reflect the architecture of Antigua. After several visits and hundreds of pictures of Antigua it was obvious, the logo had to be a window.  Every house in Antigua has a window framed with wrought iron railing.  The flowers were added  as a touch of color  as well as a reminder that Guatemala is known as the country of  eternal spring, where  flowers bloom all year around  due to It’s permanent spring weather.






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